Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Run or Dye 2014

Last year we ran our first "Color" run. We did the Color me Rad in Detroit. We had so much fun that we decided to do a fun run like this once a year so this year we went with a few friends that were doing the Run or Dye. It's very difficult to not have a good time on one of these color runs. The company is great, the atmosphere is fun and we had great weather. We couldn't has for much more!

Everyone after the race!

Getting warmed up!
 The Run or Dye is truly a fun run. There are no specific wave times and it is not timed at all. When you arrive, you get in line and they release runners every 5 minutes. The DJ's at the start line have great music and are awesome at getting everyone pumped up!

Let's get started!!!
 This year the race fell on my baby cousins 16th birthday. Not only was it her birthday, but this was also her first 5K. I truly hope to be a role model in health and fitness and am glad to get her started young. I didn't really start running till I was almost 27 and wish every day I would have started a better routine at a younger age.
 All the people throwing color seem to have missed me. Even when I ran straight up to them, I still didn't end up with much. But my cousin, husband and almost everyone else were completely covered! My only complaint about this run, is that is is definitely not a 5K. I forgot to turn on my running app, but I can tell you that we were done in 25 minutes and I walked for five. I've heard this complaint before about this track so I wasn't surprised. But all together it was a great time, an awesome first run for my cousin and a great day to be outside!
Till the next one!

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  1. I'm jealous! I want to do one of these runs so bad, but there are no more in Raleigh or around. It looks like you guys had fun!