Tuesday, July 23, 2013

10 Must Have Baby Items

Today I want to share my top ten must have baby items. These are actually things that I did not register for but ended up buying after the fact. And honestly, some of these I never even though of until after Zach was home! I hope this sparks some thought on your registry!

1. Baby Monitor - Levana Video Monitor. This is a video monitor with the ability to talk to baby, night vision, and an adjustable wall mount. It's also not big and bulky like most video monitors. I love our monitor and we still use it with no issues! Their customer service is great and after looking at so many monitors, I would highly recommend this to my family & friends.
2. Rock 'N Play Cradle.  Newborn Rock-n-Play Sleeper. My friend recommend this to me and it was a serious life saver! Every mom needs to have this! The baby can come anywhere with you in the house with this because it is so portable. I even took this to BBQ's and gatherings when Zach was smaller. It's great and takes 2 seconds to open. I also let Zach sleep in it a couple nights when he had a cold because it kept him at an angle instead of being flat on his back with a runny nose.

3. Snack Cup - Munchkin Snack Catcher. This may seem silly at first, but once your child is eating finger foods on their own this will be a life saver. This has made grocery shopping, going to the mall and running errands in general so much easier. AND, I've started to notice a lot more moms using them. I don't know what it is, but if there is a snack in Zach's hands while we are out, he is a happy little man.
4. Formula Dispenser - Tupperware Early Ages Formula Dispenser. I got this as a gift and I never thought anything of it until I was unable to breastfeed. Long story short, my body didn't produce (Yes, I tried everything, touchy subject). Instead of buying the individual packets, you can use this dispenser and there is no mess. It's also great because you can put enough in each compartment. The individual packets only have enough for 4 ounces but what if you only need 2 ounces for a newborn or 6 ounces, etc. This made things easy.

5. A Costco Membership. Seriously! Either Costco or if you have a similar store near you, I completely recommend getting a membership. The amount of money you will save on diapers is worth it alone. You will also save a TON of money on formula (if needed), diaper wipes and other snacks for your toddler in the future. Worth the investment. Period.

6. Umbrella Stroller - First years umbrella stroller. Everyone tells you to register for a stroller system. One that has the big stroller with the infant car seat that snaps in. This thing is great for day trips like going to the Zoo, but no one tells you that you should have a second stroller that is not a huge pain in the butt and so bulky. And don't get the $20 cheap umbrella stroller. That's what it is; cheap! The wheels don't go the way you want them too and it's just annoying. Invest in a nicer one that will be great for quick stops, walks outside, etc. And very easy to get in and out of the car.

7.  Swaddle Blankets with VelcroSummer Infant SwaddleMe Blankets. The nurses at the hospital make swaddling look so easy. It's not! Especially if you have a mover & shaker like I did. He would be out of the swaddle so quick it wasn't even funny. As soon as I got these Swaddle Blankets with the Velcro, he would stay put and he even slept longer!

8. Soother - Summer Infant Slumber Soother. They sell these everywhere, but this happens to be the one we loved. It put starts on the ceiling and acted like a nightlight while he was falling asleep. It plays different music, sounds and even the heartbeat noise that is so soothing to newborns. He loved this so much that we never even had a mobile. Never saw a use for it.
 9. Sleep sacks - HALO Sleepsack. These are great since you are not supposed to use a blanket until they are older. My son moves a lot in his sleep so this is great because he keeps covered and doesn't end up half under a blanket.
10. Disposable Diaper Bags - Arm & Hammer Diaper Bag Dispenser. Don't need much of an explanation on this one. These are great for when your at family/friend's homes, the mall, grocery store, or anywhere you need to change a diaper. They mask any smell and make for happy folks all around!

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  1. The Rock and Play sleeper is amazing. We are using right now instead of a bassinet because of angle of it. I actually have all of these things and I believe you are spot on!


  2. Great Post! I have a 6 month old along with an 4 yr old and a 2 yr old lol and I really like the snack cups. He will be eating finger foods soon so i think i need to get this. I agree umbrella stroller is a must. I have a bulky stroller and its hard to drive it around especially when they get bigger and add weight .Thank you for stopping by my blog. Now following you. :)


  3. Thank you for spreading JOY and sharing at the Oh What a HAPPY Day party.

    Holly at Not Done Growing

  4. This is an awesome list. I love your graphic and have been trying to figure out how to make them. I loved the sleep sacks when my youngest was born.

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