Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Color Me Rad - My First 5K in 3 Years

Last weekend I ran my first 5K in 3 YEARS! The last 5K I did was in May 2010 so pretty much three years exactly. I always want to sign up for races, but never have anyone to sign up with. I really wanted to do a Color Run so I asked my husband to run with me! (He works a different schedule so he needs to request time off in order to sign up for a race with me) I was SO  NERVOUS about this race. I had run a few times leading up to the race, but was struggling after 2 miles and stopped. My goal was to just run the entire thing...no matter what. And I DID! I ran the race in 33 minutes. I know that is not a great time, but it's a great time for me! I am very proud of my race and am motivated to run a few more this summer.

Our start time was 10:00. We got there around 9:15, grabbed our registration packets, and hung out. 

About 10 minutes before our time, we headed to the starting line. Everyone was so excited and throwing color packets already!
At 10:00, we took off! There were about 5 color stations throughout the run where they threw and sprayed color all over you. You would run through a cloud that looked like this: (I couldn't snap a picture with my phone or I may ruin it)
This is actually at the celebration party at the end of the race
After our run we had some waters and then went over to take some pictures. We took some pictures with the Color Me Rad team but they have not been put on their website yet...CAN'T WAIT!!
The sunglasses were included with our registration packet!
I did stop during the race for about 30 seconds to snap this picture below. (But continued to run in place...for real) The race was through Downtown Detroit and along the river front. The weather was pretty crappy, but great for running.

Afterwards, we had a quick lunch at the Hard Rock Cafe and then went to pick up the little guy from Grandma's house.
Here is what I learned from this run: First, this was awesome and I can't wait to do it again. No Seriously, I'm already looking up other Color Runs in the area. Second, my husband can run a 5K with absolutely no training...he sucks! ;) Third, I am super motivated to increase the number of miles I run and see if I can do a 10K or even a half...we'll see. Lastly, I need to find some friends or other local runners that I can join in some other local 5K events.

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