Monday, January 13, 2014

2014 Initial Goal Setting: Gluten Free

I don't set new years resolutions, but this year I decided that I should set short term goals throughout the year that are achievable. This way I feel like I am making progress to the changes I want to without letting myself down. I tend to set high goals and then I struggle to meet them. I'm hoping by setting smaller goals to reach that end result, that I will be more successful.

Some of my general goals for 2014:
1. Get more organized in our house (One room at a time)
2. Eat healthy - Continue to educate my self on healthy and clean eating
3. Exercise - Need to find a long term exercise routine that works (3 days a week)
4. Get pregnant ;)
5. Find more indoor activities for Zachary (For the winter)

Goal One: 2014
The first small goal I am setting for myself is to go Gluten Free for two weeks. I joined a challenge group with Maggie from Four Fit Sisters in a challenge group called "Heal Your Gut". You can see some of their results here. Not only will this be a challenge, but also a huge learning experience. I'm pretty excited, since starting to eat clean and less processed foods, I lost 20+ pounds. You can read my story HERE. So I am curious to see what this will do to my body. 

My first challenge: taking Zachary to the grocery store while trying to read labels. FAIL. I even tried this fancy shopping cart and it only kept him happy while we were moving. I will shop on my lunch break today.

Thankfully, I had some gluten free cereal already and I had that for breakfast this morning. I will have better options after I shop this afternoon.

I took before pictures today along with my weight and measurement so I will be sharing my results at the end of two weeks. Wish me luck!

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  1. Good luck esp with Goal Number 4! ;)