Monday, November 11, 2013

Organizing all your Kid's Stuff

I never realized how much stuff one child can accumulate. Zachary is only 19 months and already has a ton of paperwork. From health records, to all his check-up information as a baby to a ton of "art projects' that he makes at school. I was trying to figure out how to get all this stuff organized in one place. I tried a few different ideas, but none of them really worked for me.
I was inspired by this PIN on Pinterest and immediately got started!
All I had to purchase was a Plastic File Box and Hanging File folders. My total at Office Depot was under $30 because these two items were on sale.

I decided to hand write all of the tabs because I don't know if I will use them all as written. So if I end up having to switch out a tab, it will be easily done.
And I was too lazy to print out pretty labels.

The whole project took me about 40 minutes. It took this long because I wrote out all the labels and cut out Zachary's name from a large shipping label that I had printed it on. I've started putting all of Zach's paperwork into this file and so far I am LOVING this!

Here is a list of the tabs that I created:
- Baby Information
- Health Records
- Documents & Certificates
- Age 0-3
- Age 4-5
- Preschool
- First Grade
- Second Grade
- Third Grade
- Fourth Grade
- Fifth Grade
- Sixth Grade
- Seventh Grade
- Eighth Grade
- Ninth Grade
- Tenth Grade
- Eleventh Grade
- Twelfth Grade
- Talents
- Cards/Letters
- Portraits
- Sports
- Awards
- Misc.

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  1. I so wish I was as organized as you!

  2. Thank you for the list of how you organized this! I started to do this, but didn't know how to label my tabs!