Thursday, November 7, 2013


Today's CURRENTLY themes are craving, waiting, remembering, liking & cooking.
Currently I am craving a day at home! October was so busy and I know that as soon as Thanksgiving rolls around, weekends will start to be packed again. I just want a couple weekend days at home where we don't get out of our pajamas.
I am waiting for the terrible twos to be over. Zach is in a phase right now that is driving me bonkers! Everyone says it's the terrible two's but he's only 19 months. Hopefully it doesn't last for years because I may loose all my hair. His two favorite words at the moment are no and mine. Awesome.
As I think about the terrible two's, I am remembering when Zach was a sweet baby. And even though we are going through a phase with him, I am hopeful to give him a younger brother or sister in the future.
Right now, we are liking the show Arrow. Have you checked it out? If not, you really should. It has some cheesy moments, but the storyline is great and really keeps you hooked!
Cooking. Last week I tried this One Pot Wonder Tomato Basil Pasta and it turned out great! It is not the most amazing dinner, but it was quick, easy and tasted good! Even Zach liked it.

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  1. Constantly craving an empty weekend! just doesn't seem to be possible. Good luck with the whole "no" phase thing, they do tend to grow into rational beings, really!

  2. Hi, thanks for linking up on the Journeys of the Zoo Bloglovin Linky, stopping by to see you from and looking forward to reading more of your blog

  3. I made a French Country One pot that I got on Mr. Food's website and my kids could eat it every night (they've renamed it SlingAWop for some strange reason..oh yea the reason is my kids are strange) You can look it up it's easy, one pot to clean and delicious!