Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Low Key Labor Day

It was a low key labor day weekend over here, but I wouldn't have it any other way! Some days I feel like this below, but then I realize I'm not really missing much and I realize how much I love my family...and sleep. So here's a recap of our "low key" Labor Day.

Saturday morning we woke up and Grandma picked up Zachary. Then me, Jim and my brother all went and ran the Swampfoot 4 Mile. It was AWESOME and we can't wait to do it again! I will do a more in depth recap later this week because there is so much I want to share.
Sunday morning my husband had to work so Zach and I went to breakfast with Grandma and then went to play at Java Jungle. Zach insists on playing in the big kid area so I'm glad it wasn't busy. It also helps that we get there when they first open. But he loved going down the big kid slide all by himself. And as usual, parents are surprised he's only 17 months, lol!
After lunch and a nap, we just hung out at home. I think Dad and I were still physically exhausted from our run the day before. But it was nice to have a lazy afternoon. I tried taking a picture with Zach and this is what he does. He loves making faces in the camera and laughing at himself.

Monday morning we headed to Clawson park to hang out. There is a toddler park there that is perfect for Zachary to run around in. On our way we stopped at Tropical Smoothie Café and got smoothies. We love this place and this is the only location near us. Zach loved his so much he refused to put it down till it was gone.

After playing at the park we headed to Arts, Beats & Eats. We had lunch and walked around for a few before Zach's nap time. We all napped and when Zach woke up we headed over to my brothers for an afternoon BBQ. It was all last minute since my brother's fiancé is pregnant and yesterday was her due date. But we all got together and Zach loved hanging out with his cousin Logen.
We are now on baby watch! Like I said, my sister-in-law was due yesterday so we are anxiously awaiting my newest nephews arrival!
I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday weekend!
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  1. What a cute little one! Awesome luck on the next run!