Friday, September 6, 2013

Friday Fives: Vacation

Next week my husband and I are headed to California for a long weekend getaway. We are staying with some friends of ours and seriously cannot wait! Zachary is staying with Grandma and she is equally as excited. Since I am starting to be in vacation mode, I thought I would share the top five things we are excited to see!
ONE - Santa Cruz Beach
Our first day in California our friends are taking us to Santa Cruz. They say it is beautiful and we can't wait to see it first hand! The ocean is very cold, but we will enjoy relaxing on the beach and exploring the pier.

TWO - Napa Valley
Our friends are going to be taking us to a few wineries, but our first stop will be at Castello di Amorosa because it looks awesome! It is also the most north winery so we will start there and make our way south through Napa stopping along the way.

 THREE - Alcatraz
 My husband is most excited about going to Alcatraz! My co-workers actually told me  months ago that you need to buy tickets in advance and they were definitely correct. We purchased tickets 4 weeks ago and they are now sold out. This trip is even more exciting because our friends that live in CA have never done the Alcatraz tour. Something new for all of us!
FOUR - San Francisco & The Hard Rock Café
After our tour of Alcatraz we are going to check out San Francisco. Our first stop will be at the Hard Rock Café for a couple drinks. We have been to over 18 Hard Rock Cafe's and now its a tradition when we travel to a location that has one. Our friends knew this and already planned this out for us. They are awesome! Then we will check out Pier 39, The Golden Gate Bridge, and other sights throughout the city.

 FIVE - Our Friends
Most of all, we are excited to visit our friends! We actually met them (and 2 other couples) on our honeymoon cruise. You can see some details of that cruise HERE. We have remained friends since then, cruised together again in 2012, and are planning to cruise again in 2014. We can't wait to see them and have them show us around!

Hope everyone has a great weekend!
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  1. Your first Napa trip! I've been there 5 times this year. A few I reccoment are; Sterling vineyard for the tram ride and tour, Mumm Napa Valley a champagne only winery also with a beautiful view where you can see harvest happening from their patio where they do all their tasting plus bubbly is great for you after a day of wine, Robert mondavi tour is super informative and the sit down wine tasting is great on your feet Tour:$25, Those are just three I reccoment for a first time visitor. Oh! And Chateau Montelena! They're Chardonney is to die for plus they're movie stars. One last tip... The piers in SF are tourist traps beware. How you enjoy everything the California harvest has to offer. Cheers!

    1. Thank you SOOOOO much! I took all these notes down and am taking them with me. I really appreciate it! :)

  2. What a FUN trip. I want to go to ALL those places!!! Enjoy!