Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Today is my Friday: Finish the Sentence with Jake & Holly!

Today is my Friday! I am off till next Wednesday and will be visiting the best people we know in California over the weekend. We can't wait! Since I am in such a happy mood, I am linking up today with Jake & Holly for Finish the Sentence!

My happy place...Enjoying a beer on a patio on a nice fall day. Zach is napping upstairs (or has gone to bed) and its just adult time.

Whatever happened drinks on flights? Since I'm flying all day tomorrow, a free beer would make it much more pleasant. And I can't spend $8 for a mini can...I can't do it!

So what if I....We are taking a vacation without our son. Judge away! But we need some adult time! We will miss him like crazy, but will enjoy some adult conversation...and beverages. Beer me!

E! needs a reality show about...REAL parenthood or real life in general. No more Teen Mom or Housewives of whatever county. That stuff just depresses people.

I'm all done!
My go-to fast food meal is...Qdoba! Veggie burrito in a bowl smothered with sour cream, salsa and guacamole. Mmmmm...I think I know what I'm having for lunch today.

You might not know that I...dream about dressing in super cute fashion every day, but then I throw on the same crap, put my hair in a ponytail, and call it a day. People rarely see me at work so I just get lazy.

The hottest quarterback in the NFL is...No clue. I don't watch football or keep up with it. But I could text my sister in law and she would probably have a top 10. She's awesome and loves all sports (and the cute boys that play them)! The only time I watch any sports is during playoffs or the super bowl.

If I could....have someone come decorate my house in all the cool ways I've pinned on Pinterest, that would be super!

My personality is awesome because...I say it how it is. No filter. That also gets me in trouble sometimes, but most people just laugh. My husband says I am "girl" funny? Apparently I am funny to women but not men? idk.

Twerking is....weird. I don't get it. Is this attractive? I'm genuinely confused.

I think it's super gross when...people smoke! Just disgusting.

Someone needs to tell Miley come back down to earth. You can't take these things back. It's funny to everyone and we get to laugh at her expense, but it is forever online! If she's cool with that, more power to ya Miley!

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  1. No one's judging you. Been there done that( five times- yearn for more)

  2. i like you. i am a straight shooter too...

  3. No judgies!! Enjoy that private time with yo' man! ;)

  4. I agree about the reality show! Jon and Kate plus 8 came out when my daughter was a baby and my husband and I watched the first two seasons. It was before they had any money and just 8 kids crammed in a normal sized house. It was loud, crowded, baby proofed and both parents looked exhausted. I hate any reality show with a toddler living in a house where the bottom shelves in the living room are full of glass knick knacks and they serve the 2 year old lunch on fine china.