Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Traveling & Summer Vacations 2013

WE LOVE TO TRAVEL! So when I saw this link-up, I had to join!

A couple years after we started dating, we went to Playa del Carmen Mexico and we were instantly bitten by the travel bug. We started going somewhere about every six months, even if it was a weekend trip to Chicago or New York. It was mostly places in the U.S. and a few places in the Caribbean.
 For our honeymoon we went on a 12 Night European cruise with Royal Caribbean. You can see the ports of call and some pictures here on my Wedding Post.
(I really should do a post on our honeymoon)

We even went on a short cruise with some friends when I was 20 weeks pregnant!

Baby Zachary is 20 weeks here!
When Zachary was 6 months old, we went on a reunion cruise with the friends that we had made on our Honeymoon. Honestly, this was too long of a vacation with a little one and we missed him terribly. We had a good time, but worried about him and missed him so much!

We will continue to travel somewhere once a year without kids but will only do long weekends. When Zachary (and any other additions) are older, we can't wait to show them places but we want to make sure the vacation is enjoyable...not hard work!

2013 Planned Vacations:
Mackinaw Island, MI - This is still up for debate. We have some friends that will be there in late July and we would love to see them. This is about a 4 hour drive and we are nervous about Zachary for such a long drive. He's never been a fan of the car seat. Luck us! ;) But we may give it a shot.

If anyone has any tips for traveling with a 15 month old for a 5 hour car ride, I would love to hear it!

Grand Bend, Canada - We have gone here every year with Jim's niece for the past 3 years. We rent a house right on the beach and hang out. This will be the first year that it is Family Friendly. We can't wait to play on the beach and swim in the lake with Zach. He will love it. It is a beautiful beach and has absolutely amazing sunsets!

Grand Bend, 2011
San Francisco, CA - We are headed to San Francisco in September to visit some friends that we made on our honeymoon cruise. They are taking us to Santa Cruz for a beach day, Napa Valley for some wine tasting, and downtown San Francisco to see the Golden Gate Bridge, Alcatraz and some other sights downtown! We have never been to California and we can't wait.
San Francisco Photos
This photo of San Francisco is courtesy of TripAdvisor  

San Francisco will probably be our last vacation for a little while as we are hopeful that I will be pregnant by the end of the year!

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  1. You've been everywhere! Awesome! I will definitely be reading about your European cruise.

  2. Wow, thats great that you've been on so many trips! We went to Mackinac Island last year for our 5 year anniversary and LOVED it! I highly recommend it. It was so peaceful and relaxing and so beautiful. We went in July and it was a nice getaway from the heat we were having in St. Louis. We can't wait to go back someday.

    Thanks so much for linking up with me and Holly.

  3. I have always wanted to go to Mexico! :) I love your pictures. And I am glad Amy commented because she loved her Mackinaw Island trip. Thanks for linking up, lady!

  4. we took a trip in apr to FL and drove (18 hours) with an almost 3 year old and 1.5 yr old.. what saved us was bring our laptop and having the kids watch DVDs when they started to get crazy :)

  5. We also would love to go back to Mackinaw and take a cruise. It sounds like you've been all over!