Tuesday, May 7, 2013


There are so many benefits to juicing. All the essential nutrients in fruit and vegetables are locked within their fibers. A juice extractor frees these essential nutrients so they can be absorbed and used directly, requiring a minimum amount of digestive effort. By adding live juices to your diet as a daily routine you will experienced a rejuvenating effect and healing of various health issues such as high blood pressure, kidney disorders, skin infections, liver disorders obesity and high cholesterol. So many nutrients are lost in the heating process. One of my goals this week is to juice every.single.day.

I personally have the Breville Juice Fountain Plus. It is $150 at Bed Bath and Beyond and you can use a 20% off coupon.
This juicer is awesome! But I can't deny that cleaning it is really annoying. It's not that bad. I'm just used to throwing crap in the dishwasher. But I've talked to others who have juicers and this one is apparently much easier to clean then most juicers.

Here is the juice that I have made the past few days. The amount pictured here actually made almost 4 glasses of juice. It looks kinda weird, but it tastes SO good and is really refreshing!

I cut the amount in half the next day and it made 2 1/2 glasses. One for me, my husband and son. Here is what I put through the juicer:
3 apples
3 celery stalks
1 cucumber
3 stalks of kale
After I put all that through the juicer, I squeezed one lemon into the mix before serving. SO GOOD!
I am about to search Pinterest to find a different combination to juice tonight!
At first, juicing seems like a lot of work, but now that I have done it for a few days in a row. It's really not that bad and I feel great! It is also a great time of the year to get started with juicing because it's time for the local farmer's markets to open and you can get fresh produce there every week! Our local farmer's market opens in two weeks and I can't wait to make it a part of my weekend routine with this little cutie!

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