Friday, May 3, 2013

6 Week Ab Challenge

Today I started the 6 Week Ab Challenge with Sweet Southern Mel. At the same time I am starting the squat challenge. I need an upper body/arm challenge that isn't too time consuming.
Sweet Southern Mel
I started today because the last two days were just crazy. (No excuses, I know. I know.) But I started today! So I am going to skip the first rest day and do the plan from there.
My mid-section is the challenge area of my body. I had to have a c-section with my son so I have a pooch right at my scar. I'm not sure if it will ever go way, but I am going try my hardest! I took some personal before pics and am hoping to see a difference at the end of my 6 weeks!
Does anyone know of an arm/upper body challenge?
Here is the squat challenge I started today:
This is one of my (many) motivation pictures from my honeymoon. I want to feel the way I did in this picture about my body. I'm at this weight, but not toned that way I was then.
On another note. This morning I put on my bathing suit from my honeymoon...and I wasn't upset when I looked in the mirror. I wouldn't even mind wearing it this summer. This is a HUGE deal! I was so nervous to put it on. In the past when I would try on bathing suits, pants, shorts or anything else, I would be near tears in the fitting room. By just changing what I eat, I fit into clothes and shopping for anything isn't instant depression.
BUT, my goal is to tone up and feel truly confident this summer. I can do it! I want to be in a swim suit at the beach with this guy and not feel self conscious.
 After getting to weight that I am happy with from ONLY changing my diet. I can truly say that YOU ARE WHAT YOU EAT! What you put in your body directly reflects the way you feel both physically and emotionally. When I eat like shit, I feel like shit. When I eat good, I feel good. And more energized. It's as simple as that.
Now that I made this lifestyle change and feel the way I feel, I will NEVER go back to the way I was!
I am really looking forward to this weekend. It is going to be gorgeous here in Michigan and I can't wait to get outside and soak up the sun. We are taking our little guy to the zoo this weekend...It's his first official trip so we can't wait. (We took him to Zoo Boo at Halloween)
I'll be updating on Monday with how my goals for the week went!
Have a great weekend!

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