Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Why not Wednesday?

Do you ever decide you want to make a change in your life and say "I'll start on Monday" Why do we do that? Mondays are already such a pain in the ass. Why would we decide to start working out that morning or trying a new routine?

Start on Wednesday...or any other day of the week.

When we started cutting meat and dairy out of our lives, we started on Friday. It didn't make sense and it doesn't have to. It gave me time to think about what I was eating, spend time at the grocery store and go through what was in my house. And there was no stress about what I was going to pack for lunch or make for dinner. I had the weekend to figure it out.

So today, I was laying in bed and realized I didn't have much time to get a work out in. The past few months I would just sleep another 20 minutes or relax in bed. Then I would feel guilty. Today, I got my ass out of bed and ran for 20 minutes. I was motivated by this article here (101 Greatest Running Tips) that said, Running for any amount of time is better then not running at all. They were right. I feel great and am SO happy I did something today!

I've already got one workout in for the week and my goal was to do two. I'm halfway there!
Yesterday's drive home from work was AWFUL! There was a horrible accident that shut down the freeway and it took me 2 HOURS to get home. Needless to say, we decided to get carry out. This is often a challenge for people who are just starting out with a no meat/no dairy lifestyle. Here are a few of my 'go to' take-out choices when we have nights like yesterday.
1. Pizza Hut - Pizza Hut's dough and sauce are both Vegan. So if you can handle a no    cheese veggie pizza, this is a great choice. I'll admit, we've ordered both ways. It just depends on how we are feeling.
2. Chinese - We always get the Schezwan vegetables. But a lot of Chinese restaurants offer vegetarian options and they don't really use cheese. :)
3. Panera Bread - They have a fantastic Vegetarians sandwich. You can order with no cheese and add avocado and it's SO yummy!
4. Subway - Veggie De lite sub. Surprisingly, this tastes great. I don't even miss the meat.
Last night we had Chinese because it was right on my way home. Last week my mom ordered pizza and here is Zach enjoying every bite!

Have a great Wednesday!

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