Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Random Update, Nature Box & Last Night's Dinner

Since going meat free & mostly diary free in December, I dropped 20 pounds like it was nothing. I still can't believe it. I never realized how many items in my pantry actually had dairy in it and every shopping trip is, seriously. I recommend this lifestyle change to anyone who has struggled with any amount of weight.

Yesterday I got my first order from Nature Box! Not everything I selected was Diary Free (oops!) But I will make sure to select better options next time. They label everything on their website if it is Vegan. I just wasn't paying attention. Either way, this is a great way to get healthy snacks and they are delivered right to your door!

We tried the Cheddar Pub Pretzels & the Lemon Meringue Waffles and they were really good! 

Here is what I made for dinner last night. I forgot to take a picture but this is what it looks like. I actually found this recipe on Pinterest and make this once a week. It is honestly SO easy and quick to make! I sub the fresh Basil with Gourmet Garden Basil to make my life easier since it comes in a tube. Oh...and this meal is delicious!!!


I am not done with my journey. I am thinking of joining a gym again but need to put more effort into finding one since I need to have one with day care. I am going to visit a few gyms this weekend and see how that goes.


  1. Can you post the recipe for that pasta pic? It looks delicious!

    I have been trying to cut out dairy, since my stomach usually doesn't like it (I have a stomach condition, that I didn't used to have - I used to drink like 3 glasses of milk a day), and that pasta looks delicious!

    1. I have it posted under recipes, but here you go: I seriously make this once a week. It's SO easy and delicious ;)

  2. Just noticed I said "delicious" twice in that last comment, lol ... but it does look good :).