Friday, April 26, 2013

Scrapbooking & Weekend Goals

I really LOVE to scrapbook! It's something that I started doing 12 years ago and haven't stopped.

When I became a mom in March of 2012 I haven't really had much time to scrapbook. I do a little bit here and there but I don't really get tons of time in the way I used to.

Duh! I have a one year old to chase around!

This weekend is an all day crop to benefit Cancer. I really enjoy these all day crops. I pay to scrapbook, they provide breakfast, lunch, dinner, giveaways, etc. And all the proceeds benefit a charity. That's a WIN WIN for me!

No! I don't feel guilty for having some me time to enjoy my favorite hobby. At least I try not to feel guilty :)

Tomorrow I am trying a new product. Project Life. It seems like a time saving solution for me. I spend SO much time on each and every page that it takes me too long to get a scrapbook completed. I will still do some pages for each album (I need to be creative somehow) and use them. But I need something that helps me get an album done quickly, look great, and still document our lives. I can't wait to share how it went!

Here is an example from the Project Life website. I will be working on my son's first year album this Saturday.

On another note. I need to start setting some goals for each weekend so that I feel as though I have accomplished something...besides laundry of course. I do so much better if I have a list. And the list can't be ten miles long otherwise I just give up before I do anything.
This Weekends Goals:
- Don't pig out at the Crop (They always have good food and snacks)
- Get in a run (3 miles)
- Take Zach to the park on Sunday (weather permitting) to play
- organize shelves in laundry room
Have a great weekend!

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