Thursday, April 10, 2014

Ann Arbor Hands On Museum

A few weeks back we took Zachary to the Ann Arbor Hands On Museum. Honestly, we can't believe this was our first time. It has something for all ages and we never once had to say "Stop" "Don't touch" "You're going to break that". Because seriously, that's how most of our outings go. He's 2 and hes like an untamed animal. It was a great experience and we will definitely be going more regularly. 

There was a kid's room designed specifically for those under 5. There was a ton to do, but Zachary loved the water table the most. He also loved watching Daddy build with the blocks and then knocking them down. There was also a small space within this room for kids under 18 months. It was separate so they could crawl around and explore. 

Zachary loved exploring the rest of the museum. Even though it wasn't age appropriate, he could still try everything, touch and climb on everything. He had a great time! We always love finding great places for Zachary to run around and have fun!

Do you have any kid friendly museums or fun spots near you? 
Are there any other gems for toddlers in the Detroit Metro area that we are missing?

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  1. This looks fun. I love museums, I like to go alone so I'm not rushed. I take my little cousin to the science museum but they've never done anything like this.

  2. We love museums and they actually just built a children's one in the next town about a year ago. I can't even count how many times we've gone since then lol. It is always a fun experience even for the little tiny ones and, at least in ours, the exhibits are always changing so there is something new to see every time we go.

  3. Aww I love family outtings!!! SO sweet!!! Looks like you guys had a lot of fun!

  4. We LOVE AAHOM! My kids (20 months and 3.5) also love the Michigan Science Center, Impression 5 (Lansing)!

    That walk-on piano is the best for little ones, huh? :)