Thursday, December 19, 2013

CURRENTLY {link up}

I am currently looking forward to baking cookies this weekend. We are having our first annual cookie making day this Sunday. I always picture making cute gingerbread and sugar cookies and then the kids decorating them all peacefully. I'm sure this will not be the case. I'm anticipated cookie decorations all over the place and hyper children.
Currently I am loving our Christmas set up. We didn't have everything set up last year because it was the first year in our new home (dumb excuse) but it all came together so nicely this year. My husband also bought a train for under the tree and him and Zach love it!

I am missing my grandparents. Does this time of year make anyone else think about loved ones that are gone? I always wish that my husband could have met them, that I could have had a relationship with them as an adult, and that they could have met Zachary. They were amazing people.
We are craving some family time together! We are all looking forward to some extra time off over the next couple weeks and lots of family gatherings. Can't wait.
We are currently laughing at Zach's Santa picture. There were no tears, but his WTF face is hilarious to me. Who is this man and why do I have to sit on his lap for a picture?

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  1. Your Christmas tree set up is beautiful. I have thought about getting my boys a train for around the tree too, I just never have. Maybe next year!

    Ila from