Thursday, October 31, 2013

Where did October go?

When I was growing up Halloween consisted of one awesome celebration followed by a night of trick-or-treating. The first celebration was at school where everyone dressed up, and brought some kind of treat to pass around. We would have a big assembly with all the classes in the school and do a parade where you went to every classroom. It was such a fun day!

After school was trick-or-treating in the neighborhood. My mom always made chili in the crock pot this way dinner was ready as soon as we got home. We would have chili and then head out as soon as it was dusk usually around 6:00. We would trick or treat for what felt like hours (especially when we were older). It was great and I have such great memories growing up from Halloween.

As an adult, Halloween consisted of dressing up and going to bars and/or parties. Enough said. ;) And we still do this one night in October now!

As a parent, October has become crazy. There are a million Halloween events and I can't keep up! The first Halloween event we did this month was Zoo Boo at the Detroit Zoo. This is one event we will do annually. We went last year and it was much easier because Zach was in a stroller and we just walked around.

During the week, I took him to an event at the mall where there was a Halloween show, activities and a train ride for the kids. He watched about 15 minutes of the show before he just wanted to run around. But he had a good time riding the train.

The next Friday, we took him to our town's trick or treating event called Trick or Treat on Washington Street. It's a free event in the city that we live in. Cider, donuts, bounce houses, trunk-or-treating and just an awesome atmosphere downtown! It was fun, but I think he will enjoy it more when he's older.

Then we took him to Goblin's Night out at the Ford House. This one was really cute and they had dancing afterwards with cider and donuts. We would love to do this one each year too! I think Zach liked dancing more than any type of trick or treating.

Today is his Halloween party at Day Care where they all dress up and have a parade. And if the weather holds off for a bit (it's raining here) we will take him trick or treating to a few houses in my brother's sub division since there are a lot more kids.

I don't know if October has transformed since having a child, or if it has just transformed in general since I was a kid, but it is out of control busy! It's really my own fault. I hear about an event and I'm all like "Zach will love this! How cute!" Next year, I will make sure to keep things to a minimum so that he truly enjoys everything!

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