Monday, October 14, 2013

California Vacation - Day 2

Day 2 of our California vacation consisted of visiting the Mystery Spot, Downtown Santa Cruz, some beaches in Santa Cruz and walking around town!
First stop of the Day: The Mystery Spot
I went to a Mystery Spot in northern Michigan when I was younger, but it was much more interesting as an adult to really think about what the hell was going on. My husbands favorite "theory" was that a space ship crashed there years ago and is buried under ground. Sounds good to me!

You feel like your standing straight, such a weird feeling!
Our very calm tour guide!
 Second Stop: Downtown Santa Cruz
After the Mystery Spot, we headed to downtown Santa Cruz for lunch. We found the most amazing candy store while we were walking around after lunch! We wanted to eat it ALL!!!

After lunch and walking around town, we headed to the Boardwalk and check out the main beach in Santa Cruz. The boardwalk wasn't really "open" because it was off season and a Friday, but it was still cool to check it out. There are a ton of shops, restaurants and even an amusement park. We would love to take Zach one day!
The main beach in Santa Cruz is very beautiful! But I can see how it would be absolutely packed with tourists and families during the summer. It was mid-September and it was pretty busy! The water is absolutely FREEZING! I can't believe anyone ever swims in this!
Since our friends are from this area, they took us to a local beach that was even more beautiful! If that's possible. It was so relaxing! We just relaxed on the beach, looked for seashells, listened to the ocean and watched the local surfers. It was great!

The beaches in Santa Cruz are absolutely gorgeous! But they are freezing. This is why everyone in California has pools, they can't swim in the ocean for fear of freezing to death!
 After hanging out at the beach we headed into town and had some Margarita's at Margaritaville! They were amazing!
After a few drinks, we walked around town and found a spot for dinner before making the trip back to Morgan Hill. We are like little kids and passed out on the drive home! It was an awesome day!
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