Thursday, September 26, 2013


Zachary is currently LEADING me to more gray hair. I only take him to day care three days a week and he normally LOVES it! This week he has been so sad when I leave him that I feel so guilty. But I call there 20 minutes later and they say he does great about 5 minutes after I leave and has a great time! Little stinker!

I am currently SIPPING a Salted Caramel Mocha from Starbucks! It's my free birthday drink! My total for a medium drink was close to $5! Did their prices go up? I don't remember it being so expensive!
We are currently THINKING about having another baby! Zach will be 18 months this weekend. Although he is in a funky stage where he's temperamental and frustrated with almost everything. I'm hoping that stage will be over before I get pregnant and have another one arrive. Hopefully.
Zachary at the hospital - 2 days old!
I am currently SMILING at all the new words that Zachary is saying. I always heard it would happen overnight, but it's definitely true. He says Momma, Dada, Hungry, Thirsty, Kitty, G-ma, outside, dog, bye-bye, hello, yum, baby and so many more by the day. It's truly amazing to watch him grow!


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  1. My oldest son used to be like that when I dropped him off, then he would get mad when i had to pick him up because he was having so much fun. lol.

    My youngest son is will be 2 this weekend and he doesn't say that many words, but he understands like he has been here for years.

    Hope you enjoy the coming weekend!

  2. You have such a cute family! That is great that your son says so many words!

  3. Awh, 18 months is a great age! But they do sure know how to pull on our heart strings eh?

  4. SO much fun when babies start learning to talk! Also, I have worked at a lot of day care centers, and it is pretty typical for toddlers to be upset and clingy when their parents are dropping them off, but then cheer up as soon as their parents are gone. Its a transitional thing... they don't want to leave you, but when you're gone they can get caught up in the routine of their day, and the time flies by!