Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Final Results: Bikini Body Mommy Challenge

Today I have officially COMPLETED the Bikini Body Mommy Challenge!

Here are my final results:
5 pounds lost
5.25 inches lost
This program works!
You can do everything at home with no equipment and see results. The only bad thing is that you only get one rest day. Sometimes it was tough and I would take two rest days and double up a workout another day during the week. I definitely got stronger throughout the challenge and just felt better about myself in general!
NOTE: I did take before & after pictures but am too much of a wimp to show them. I took pictures last week for my T25 challenge in an outfit that I will be OK with sharing. I did notice a difference.
Wish I could eat like this little guy ;)
My Final Thoughts:
I will do this program again after I have my next child. Hopefully next year. Wink. Wink.
If you are already in semi-decent shape, you may need a more challenging program. Some weeks were super challenging, and others were so-so. Because I had already lost a lot of the weight I wanted to lose, I should have focused on a program that required more weight lifting. This program does not suit my personal needs at this time, but it is a great program!

Now that I am aware of what I need to do to get the results I want, I started Focus T25!
I love sharing my workout schedule because it keeps me accountable.
Workout Schedule in BLACK - What I actually did in PINK
Thursday, August 8th - BBM Day 85 & T25 / T25 & BBM Day 85
Friday, August 9th - T25 / T25
Saturday, August 10th - BBM Day 87 & 5 miles / 4 miles
Sunday, August 11th - Rest / Rest
Monday, August 12th - BBM Day 89 / T25
Tuesday August 13th - BBM Final Fit Test & T25 / Fit Test & T25
Wednesday, August 14th - T25 / T25

I am getting better with every run. I was only sore for a couple days, instead of 5, after doing this run. I can only fit in one long run a week so if I can get my miles up, I may register for a half marathon. Still debating.

Here is my workout schedule for this week:
Thursday, August 15th - T25
Friday, August 16th - T25 X2
Saturday, August 17th - Muddy Watters Run!
Sunday, August 18th - Rest
Monday, August 19th - T25
Tuesday August 20th - T25
Wednesday, August 21st - T25
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  1. Those are good results...I may need to look into this challenge :)

    1. They have a new group starting on September 2nd. Check out her Facebook page!

  2. That's awesome! I just had my second baby and the weight isn't coming off as easily. You have inspired me to try!

    1. There is a Facebook Group starting on September 2nd. Check it out and join!

  3. congrats on finishing! you had great results. I definitely have to book mark this for after I have my baby!

  4. You are doing great with your running progress and congrats on finishing that fitness challenge!

  5. Good for you girl, you have made some awesome improvements!

  6. Replies
    1. Thank you so much! All of your posts are so motivating. :)