Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Ear Tube Surgery

Sorry I have been MIA for a bit. Our little guy had tubes put in his ears last Wednesday and then we headed out on our first family vacation on Friday morning. Post coming tomorrow to recap our great time.

Last Wednesday was a big day for our little man. He had to have tubes put in his ears because he has had a chronic ear infection for months now.  They tried a bunch of antibiotics, even one that required a daily shot for 3 days, and none of them cleared it up 100%.

We were referred to the ENT and they recommended tubes. We already knew that was going to be the case so we were prepared. Getting tubes runs in my family, even for those that do not attend day care.

Zach's procedure was performed at Children's Hospital in Detroit and they were great! We arrived at 7:30 and started the check-in procedure. The area had toys to keep Zach busy while I handled all the paperwork and insurance.

Once we were all checked in, they directed us upstairs to another waiting room where we waited to be called back to go over the procedure. He found this mini cart that he could push and he couldn't get enough of it.

Zach was not allowed to have anything to eat after midnight so I was extremely nervous about him flipping out for food. I think the constant movement kept him distracted. Keep in mind, he is a big eater and basically wakes up asking for breakfast!

Next we got called back to another area where we discussed the procedure with the nurse, anesthesiologist, doctor, and about a million other doctors. (That's how it felt, lol) We dressed him and then waited till they took him back. He was the first procedure of the day at 9:00. He didn't once ask for food until about 5 minutes till they took him back when he started chanting "hungry".

Toys to distract him!

Climbing everywhere!
 Only one of us could go back to the surgery area when they gave him the gas so Dad went. I'm too emotional and would make it hard on him. :( Dad was back in literally 3 minutes and said he was out. About 30 minutes later, they brought him back to us and I got to hold him till he was 100% alert.
I secretly loved the fact that he was cuddling me since he's usually non-stop all day long.

Once he was alert, we gave him some juice, they discussed our instructions and we were headed home. They said he may not have an appetite, but they clearly don't know my child. He had a huge lunch when we got home and then took a nap. When he woke, he seemed back to normal.
Playing with Dad after his nap.
I had been feeling some guilt about this surgery for a while because his ear infections started pretty much immediately when we enrolled him in Day Care. Coincidence? Maybe. But I felt bad anyway. But let me tell you this: Since having the tubes put in, he is always in great spirits, sleeps ten times better and isn't as irritable! And...My son LOVES going to "school". He gets to play with other kids, do arts and crafts, and learn new things. He goes three days a week and he's always excited when we get there! I now know this was the right decision.

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  1. Awww i hope he does well wit the surgery, I understand about the daycare though. My children never got sick until my oldest son started school. Those schools just harbor germs.

  2. I hope the tubes help!! If they don't you should look into a chiropractor. Sounds crazy but my son who is 4 has been getting chronic ear infections since he was 3. I took him to the chiropractor back in April and he hasn't had an ear infection since! It's worked SO great for him.

    1. I actually heard about chiropractic care for this after the fact. :/ If he still has issues, I will for sure take him. I go on a regular basis myself!

  3. Aww hunny! Him needing that has nothing to do with daycare I am sure...It just is what it is. Looks like he handled it like a champ. Love all the photos and him with the little cart. Too cute! Glad it ended up being a positive experience. Cheers to healthier ears moving forward!

    1. Thank you! So far, he seems to be doing great with no infection whatsoever. Fingers crossed it stays that way.

  4. Aww I am so sorry. My boyfriends younger brother who is 16 had to have that same surgery last year because his ear infections had gotten so bad that he was unable to hear out of one of his ears. It has worked wonders for him.