Thursday, June 6, 2013

Crystal Randoms...

I was inspired by a Random post by Crafty Healthy Mommy and am basically doing the same thing. Totally stealing her idea! So here goes...
  • I LOVE being a mom. "Best decision we ever made" -My Husband
  • I started scrap booking 12 years ago and really enjoy it. I have recently come to the conclusion that I can't scrapbook everything.
  • I'm a big fan of country music
  • Our favorite thing to do is TRAVEL! We love it. We even met some lifelong friends on our honeymoon whom we continue to travel with.

  • During our travels we have been to over 15 Hard Rock Cafes
  • I achieved a lifelong goal of mine on our honeymoon...visiting the pyramids in Egypt

  • I was born legally blind in my left eye and 'pretty damn close' in my right eye. I'm a rare case that just progressively got better. (For those of you that don't know, legally blind simply means you would not be legally allowed to drive and you have the thickest glasses...leads to lots of teasing growing up lol)
  • I wish I was more fashionable...but I'm pretty lazy and love getting dressed to be easy
  • I love a good beer, wine...or really any alcoholic beverage while sitting outside, or inside...wherever really
  • I like to talk about myself, or anything I've done. Can't deny it.
  • I was with my boyfriend for 8 years before we got married.
  • The first wedding I was ever in was my own. I was a bridesmaid soon after though.

  • I recently lost 20lbs by adopting a vegan lifestyle. But then I started re-introducing small amounts of dairy and fish when we go out to dinner. Honestly, I feel better then I ever have and I was working on those 20 lbs forever! I know it's not a story of 100lb weight loss...but I think you could lose major weight and feel great cutting animal products from your diet.
  • I always thought time went by really fast...but now it goes by even faster:

I hope you enjoyed these random thoughts about me. 
Have a great Thursday! 

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  1. I've been lean on the animal product for a while. Although, with a husband that grew up in Chicago, it's difficult to take all meat away from our meals. (I let him eat most of the meat ;-> )

    Thank you so much for being a part of the Virtual Girls Night Out! And thanks for being a terrific bartender :->

  2. I would love to travel to Egypt! It's on my bucket list. :)

    Wonderful photos and thanks for linking up with us!