Monday, March 17, 2014

Chicago for St. Patrick's Day

In 2007, we went to Chicago for the first time for St. Patrick's Day. The Saturday before the holiday, they dye the river green, have a parade, and just have a great time.

We started our weekend with a boat ride on the river after it was dyed. Our boat ride included an Irish lunch and of course plenty of beer!

Drinks at the Hard Rock after our boat tour!
After the boat tour, we really just wandered around the city, check out the sights, stopped at random bars and enjoyed all the people watching. 

After enjoying the scenery, people watching and drinking plenty of green beer, we decided we needed a break and headed to the museum. It was empty because everyone was in town enjoying the party, go figure!

I highly recommend going to Chicago for the St. Patrick's celebration at some point in your life. Seeing the river dyed is extremely fun and the atmosphere is amazing! Everyone is there having a good time and wants you to as well! 

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

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