Thursday, February 20, 2014

Zachary's First Birthday: A look back

As Zachary's Second birthday approaches. I thought I would share some pictures from his first birthday! I didn't blog then either so I'm excited to share what a great day we had.

My cousin made me this amazing Happy Birthday sign and I enlarged a couple prints from Zachary's one year photo shoot. We had a smash cake for Zach, cupcakes and even a cake for desert. We had cake left over for days!

Mickey Mouse Cake!
Zachary's Smash Cake
I found this Mickey Mouse T-Shirt at Children's Place and he was pretty excited to put it on. He kept saying "ME-Key" and pointy at his shirt. SO cute!

We had a bounce house for the kids even though it was pretty cold. They still used it and had fun!
A major lesson I learned when having Zachary's first birthday is that timing is everything. When I printed the invitations, Zachary was still taking two naps a day. The first nap around 9:30 am and the second nap around 3 pm. So I scheduled his party on a Sunday at 1:00. The week of Zachary's party, he naturally started taking just one nap a day at 12:30!

As people started to arrive, Zachary HAD to go down for a nap. He was cranky, mad and just unpleasant. I let people eat and hang out and then I had to wake him from his nap for the first time. He was a little upset when I woke him but he finally adjusted. He was in complete shock to see so many people in our home, but he was pretty excited to open gifts. Or mostly rip the paper off everything and climb on the boxes.

After gifts, we sang happy birthday and let him eat cake! He kept trying to grab the fire off the candle so we had to help him out. 

Overall the party was a huge success even though Zachary napped through the first hour and a half. People loved the food, ate all the dessert, played in the bounce house and had a good time socializing. And most of all, Zachary had a wonderful first birthday!

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  1. Ahhh..they grow up so quickly...Happy Birthday!!

  2. That cake smash is just adorable! Can't wait to see photos from his second birthday! Thanks for linking up with us at the Little Friday Linkup!

    xo, Hima
    Hima Hearts