Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Project Life: Staying Organized

Today I wanted to share with you my Top Five ways of staying organized with Project Life.

1. Print Pictures Monthly
On the first day (or sometime during the first week) of the month, I download all my pictures from the month and have them printed. I have most of my pictures printed at Costco but if Snapfish Homepage has a deal on prints, I will print them there. I also download all of my Instagram pictures and print them at Persnickety Prints.

2. Organize your supplies in one spot
I bought this organization box from Live Your Stories on Etsy. Not only were they fast, but they were extremely pleasant to work with. I bought the Large Desk and Scrapbooking Organizer (pictured below), but they also have a small one. I have two full kits in the large one below and still have room to spare!

Photo Courtesy of Live Your Stories
Live Your Stories is offering a coupon code until February 1st. Save 15% off your purchase with code LYS15OFF2. Check out all their items HERE.

3. Write out details soon after an event
After any specific event or just a random day, I try and take some notes. I usually take the notes in my iPhone so that it is date stamped and then write it out later. Since I print and do an entire month at a time, this is helpful for keeping dates and notes in order.

4. Stay up to Date on Journaling
I bought this Mini Zipper Pouch from Thirty One and it is perfect for holding 4x6 cards, 3x4 cards, and a few journaling pens. I can sit down anywhere in the house and use this to start journaling. This way I am not doing it all while putting my pages together. This is also helpful if you want to take a few quick notes while out and about.

5. Monthly Collage
When looking back and putting together the last month, it is helpful for me to have a monthly collage with a picture of each day. This helps me keep my weeks in order and helps me with making sure I don't forget anything. I use the Collect Photo App and I absolutely love it!

Happy Project Life Tuesday!
What are your favorite ways to stay organized with Project Life?
Any other great tools you can recommend?

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  1. Thank you so so much for the shout out!!! You are so sweet! I am glad to see you putting it to good use!!! xoxo! -- Crystal L.

  2. I'm dreadful at printing pictures regularly! I always end up printing a million at once, and then it takes forever to organise them. I love your scrapbooking organiser. I'm forever rearranging my supplies - I always have too many!

  3. I just found this little gem and thought I'd share it with you. I just ordered mine and can't wait to use it to try and keep me on track, along with all your ideas. Thanks for sharing!