Thursday, October 3, 2013


Zachary is  currently LEARNING something new Honestly, its the most amazing thing to witness. I try to use the Collect Photo App to get a picture of him every day and am participating in this Photo A Day challenge below to spruce it up a bit!

Our garden is currently not GROWING. Our first garden was a huge FAIL! The positive side is that we have the area dug out, the weeds are growing all over and hopefully that is breaking up the clay so stuff can actually grow next year. We have to get outside this weekend (or next) and prep it for the winter so we can have some success next year.

We (or should I say my husband) is currently BUYING this Little Tikes Power Cycle. He sent me this picture yesterday and insisted that we needed to buy this for Zach. I'm curious as to how this will go over the weekend.

I am currently LOVING this new Letter Glow app. I am currently giving this app away to two people. Check out the giveaway HERE.

Currently I am WISHING I was at home. This week has been super busy at work, but going by so slow. I'd rather be at the park with this little man.


 photo crystalseyes-sig.png

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  1. Aww, He is so cute! I think those photo's a day are fun. I hope he enjoys his new wheels.