Monday, July 8, 2013

Four Days OFF!

We had such a wonderful weekend that I am in denial that I have to go back to work today! But, I am so fortunate that I had four great days off with my family!
We start off our Fourth by heading to the Craft Fair in Clawson while Zach was napping at my Mom's. We walked around for a little bit looking around and just enjoying the atmosphere.

Afterwards, we headed back to my Mom's for an afternoon BBQ. I made Fourth of July Fruit Kabobs! I was inspired by Pinterest HERE. The only change I made was that I swapped the brownies for Angel Food Cake. They were really good and looked good too!

We spent the afternoon hanging out in Grandma's backyard! Zach got in the pool for the first time and was enjoying himself!

Wouldn't be complete without a bouncy ball in the pool!
 We had a wonderful Fourth and are looking forward to many more together!
What age were your kids when you started taking them to the fireworks?
On Friday morning I took Zach back to the doctor so that they could switch his antibiotic. He had a double ear infection and the antibiotic they gave him was making him extremely ill. After the doctor we went to the mall so that he could play a little bit. He had a good time, but was ready for a long nap when we were done. Poor baby. :(
I'm not sick! ;)
On Saturday morning (and a different antibiotic later) Zach was feeling much better! After breakfast we headed to the bookstore to look around. This is something my husband and I used to do all the time before we had Zach. I think it will continue to be a tradition. I had no idea they had all these fun activities to keep kids busy. We took turns playing with Zach as the other one looked around. It was great!
After Zach's nap, I took him up to Partridge Creek to see if he would play in the water fountains. He wasn't a huge fan of the water splashing in his face, but he enjoyed running around and watching the other kids. He's such a little observer!
On Sunday morning, we went and had breakfast with Grandma and then headed to Java Jungle. We got there right when it opened so Zach had the place to himself for a little bit. I was also able to take him into the 'Big Kid' area since there weren't many people. We had fun going down the big slide together...over and over! While I took a break, he played in the toddler area!
We had such a wonderful weekend and feel so fortunate that I had this extra time off to spend with Zach. It's so nice to just do whatever and hang out together. Looking forward to next weekend already!  

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